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  Socialism: The Great Myth

The greatest myth of the left in America is that socialism is a movement of the people, the working classes, and the poor. The truth is that it is created, led, and promoted, as all socialist movements are, for and by intellectual elites and are liberally pollinated by millionaires.
Karl Marx, the intellectual father of Socialist communism, was financially kept by factory owner Fredrick Engels. A friend of President Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, a leader of the terrorist cult the Weatherman was a scion of the American upper class; Katrina vanden Hcuvel, editor of The Nation, is a multi-millionairess. As well as socialist left wing propagandist Michael Moore, is a multi-millionaire who has profited handsomely from the “struggle.” 
The following is a partial list of some well know left wing supporters who also profit quite nicely from the “struggle”, if you think you are part of the movement of the people, working class or the poor, think who will most profit from a socialist movement.

George Soros
The Face of Evil

The Left Wing Millionaires’ Club

 Al Gore

Ted Turner 

 Andrew Rappaport

 Bruce Springsteen

 Sean Penn

 Medea Benjamin

 Gore Vidal

 Julia Roberts

 Alec Baldwin 

 Tom Hayden


 George Clooney

 Danny Glover

 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 Erica Jong

 John Kerry

 Victor Navasky

 Katrina vaden Heuvel

 Dan Rather

 Wendy Gordon Rockefeller

 Oliver Stone

 Stephen Bing

 Cornel West

 Katie Couric

 Fred Baron

 Jesse Jackson

 Bill Moyers

 Teresa Heinz Kerry

 Amy Goodman

 Bonnie Raitt

 Jeffery Katzenberg

 Herb Sandler

 Barack H. Obama

 Michael Moore

 Vanessa Redgrave

 Phil Donahue

 Barbra Streisand

 Robert Glaser

 Howard Zinn

 Michael Krish

 Hary Belafionte

 Peter Jennings

 Hillary Clinton

 Marion Sandler

 Steven Spielberg

Rob Reiner 

Bill Clinton 

 Barbara Ehrenreich

 Steven Kirsch

 Susan Sarandon

Jodie Evans 

Jay Leno  

 Robert Scheer

Louis Farrakhan 

Peter Lewis 

Pete Seegor 

 Mike Farrell

John R MacAuthur 

Martin Sheen 

Jane Fonda 

 Bill Maher

Travis Smiley 

Betty Friedan 

Norman Mailer 

 Susan Sontag

David Griffen 

Robert Mckay 

George Soros