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"I am the Resistance"

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Give this some thought! We, the believers in the Constitution, and the founding principles of this nation have to take a step back and begin to look at the whole picture and figure the best way to counter the progressive take-over of America. They have attacked us on so many different fronts and issues and they have, quite honestly, divided us into camps, fighting for our own issues close to us, and have made us mostly beatable. So how can we fight them on equal ground on all the issues? Simply put, we need to use the same tactic in reverse that they use on us and fight them on all the issues all at the same time! How can that be done? By simply signing all your posts on FB, your letters to the Editor, or any correspondence to government, local, state, or federal officials with a simple "I am the Resistance" at the end. If everyone did that, you would be lending support all the time to all the issues and no longer be divided!

"I am the Resistance"

This site is dedicated to all those brave Americans who gave their all; that makes it possible for this organization to exist as a freedom right, to express the people's right of redress on issues that are corrupting the very documents that guarantee us these rights.

Do your part to keep America Healthy!
Exercise your rights daily!

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Communism at the door?


What is PSCAT? PSCAT or Public Service Constitutional Aptitude Test is a series of 20 questions of the very basics of knowledge that the common citizen should be able to score at a level of 80% or better.


Principles of Liberty 

Energy Independence


American Constitution with warning Lable

Read it here. 

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Pennsylvania Citizens - Your Rights under Fire

Pennsylvania Right To Know Law

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